Care instructions

General information:

  1.     Do not expose the garment to sunlight for longer than necessary.

  2.     Carefully with pointed and sharp objects ( e.g. fingernails )

  3.     Fats, perfume, oils and some metals (e.g. copper, brass, bronze) react with latex, therefore direct contact should be avoided.


Wash your clothes by hand in lukewarm water (approx. 30°C) and use grease-free detergent (e.g. beGloss Special Wash or Fit). After washing, rinse the clothing thoroughly so that any soap residue disappears. We recommend bathing the clothing in water with a latex care product (e.g. beGloss Perfect Shine) afterwards. Afterwards hang it up on a hanger to dry.
If you do not use a latex care product, you can dust the inside of the latex with a little baby powder or talcum. The powder prevents the latex from sticking together and allows it to glide better over the skin when dressed.


It is best to store the garment on a hanger in a dry, dark and cool environment.

Polishing latex:

Latex is most beautiful when it shines and reflects. To achieve the optimum shine, polish the latex with a lint-free cloth, sponge or hand with a little latex polish (e.g. beGloss Perfect Shine) in circular movements. Alternatively you can also use silicone spray.