Outfit "Antonia"
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Product no.: 5001
Colour combination
Height (cm)
Neck circumference (cm)
Bust girth (cm)
Waist circumference (cm)
Hip circumference 1 (hip bone)(c
Buttocks circumference (cm)
Upper arm circumference (cm)
Wrist circumference (cm)
Inner Arm length (cm)
Inner leg-length (cm)
Thigh circumference 1 (cm)
Thigh circumference 2 (cm)
Knee circumference (cm)
Calf circumference (cm)
Ankle circumference (cm)
Thigh length (cm)
Lower leg length (cm)
Shoulder length

Products description
This noble outfit consists of a blouse, a two-colored latex leggings and a waist belt.
The collar and the cuffs on the tenderly chiffon blouse are made of textured latex. It has a back vent and will be closed with snap fasteners at the neck and wrists.
The waist belt "Ornella" made of textured latex, which is laced in the front center by 8 eyelets, completes this elegant outfit.

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