Latex - vegan and natural

Vegan Fashion für naturbewusste Latexliebhaber von Lüllepop
Vegane Bekleidung mit Latex von Lüllepop
The latex used by Lüllepop is natural rubber and therefore vegan and natural.

It is obtained from the white milk sap of the rubber tree (lat. Hevea brasiliensis) and is thus a renewable raw material. The extraction of natural rubber is done gently and ecologically by hand and our latex is free from solvents, CFCs and carcinogenic chemical softeners.

Natural rubber originally comes from Central America. At the end of the 19th century, British adventurers brought the seeds of the plant out of the country and cultivated the plant on the first plantations on a Malaysian peninsula at the beginning of the 20th century.

Today, "Standard Malaysian Rubber" is a term used by chemists and professional associations to denote the best quality standard for all technically specified natural rubbers.

Lüllepop also uses latex with the "Standard Malaysian Rubber" seal of quality for its vegan clothing. Lüllepop imports the latex directly from the British manufacturer Radical Rubber and can therefore offer a high standard of material quality.

Latex colours

Latex is only available in black or red?

No, with the selection of latex colours, everyone will find his favourite colour. There are not only many standard colours, but also latex that even surpasses the usual shimmering latex shine through additional gloss effects.
Latexbekleidung in verschiedenen Farben von Lüllepop

Textured latex

Strukturiertes Latex von Lüllepop
Textured latex from Lüllepop is something very special. The 3-dimensional patterns are not only pleasing to the eye, but also to the touch.

Whether stripes, organic patterns or floral...everything is possible. We will gladly make your desired pattern for you and create your own 3-dimensional world of vegan clothing.


The finest appliqués made of latex are produced by laser. In cooperation with entrepreneurs from the region, filigree patterns and applications are designed and lasered.

Your own wishes are implemented here and give the latex clothing from Lüllepop an additional creative charm and individuality.
Vegane Mode mit Latex von Lüllepop

Knitted Latex

Gestricktes Latex von Lüllepop
The finest latex strips are intricately handcrafted into a complex knitted piece. The three-dimensional appearance and the broken shine give the material a completely new look.

From plain to mottled, knitted latex is possible in all possible colour combinations and patterns.
In order to enjoy latex clothing for a long time, it is important to follow a few tips regarding wearing, cleaning and storage.


Latex is sensitive to sunlight, sharp objects and oils. Too much direct sunlight can dull the latex and cause it to fade. Therefore, do not expose the garment to direct sunlight for longer than necessary.

Be careful with sharp objects such as fingernails and jewellery. Latex is very robust due to its elasticity, but a small hole is enough to cause it to tear.

Fats, perfumes, oils and some metals (e.g. copper, brass, bronze) react with latex, so direct contact should be avoided.

Cleaning and storage

Wash the vegan clothes by hand in lukewarm water (approx. 30°C) and use fat-free washing-up liquid (e.g. Fit). After washing, rinse the clothes thoroughly so that any soap residue disappears.

We recommend bathing the vegan garment briefly in water with a latex care product afterwards. ( e.g. beGloss Perfect Shine ). Hang it on a hanger to dry afterwards. Drying in the sun should be avoided.

If you do not use a latex care product, you can dust the inside of the latex with a little baby powder. The powder prevents the latex from sticking and makes it glide better over the skin when you put it on.

It is best to store the garment on a hanger in a dry, dark and cool environment.


Latex is most beautiful when it shines and reflects. To achieve the optimal shine, polish the latex with a lint-free cloth, sponge or hand with a little latex polish (e.g. beGloss Perfect Shine ) in circular movements. Alternatively, you can also use silicone spray.

You can also wash and care for our textile-latex compounds. The textile fabrics of the outfits are tested by us before processing and no stains are caused by silicone and latex care products.


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About Lüllepop

Lüllepop Design was founded in 2009 by Cathleen Reinheckel in Berlin and from then on developed further together with André Gawanka. For the label Lüllepop it was immediately clear that the focus of the fashion brand is latex. more

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