Care instructions for latex clothing

In order to enjoy latex clothing for a long time, it is important to follow a few tips regarding wearing, cleaning and storage.


Latex is sensitive to sunlight, sharp objects and oils. Too much direct sunlight can dull the latex and cause it to fade. Therefore, do not expose the garment to direct sunlight for longer than necessary.

Be careful with sharp objects such as fingernails and jewelry. Although latex is very robust due to its elasticity, a small hole is enough to cause it to tear.

Fats, perfumes, oils and some metals (e.g. copper, brass, bronze) react with latex, so direct contact should be avoided.

Cleaning and storage

Wash the vegan clothes by hand in lukewarm water (approx. 30°C) and use fat-free washing-up liquid (e.g. Fit). After washing, rinse the clothes thoroughly so that any soap residue disappears.

We recommend bathing the vegan garment briefly in water with a latex care product afterwards. ( e.g. (e.g. beGloss Perfect Shine). Then hang it on a hanger to dry. Drying in the sun should be avoided.

If you do not use a latex care product, you can dust the inside of the latex with a little baby powder. The powder prevents the latex from sticking and makes it glide better over the skin when you put it on. It is best to store the garment on a hanger in a dry, dark and cool environment.


Latex is at its best when it is shiny and reflective. To achieve the optimum shine, polish the latex with a lint-free cloth, sponge or by hand with a little latex polish (e.g. beGloss Perfect Shine)in circular movements. Alternatively, you can also use silicone spray.

You can also wash and care for our textile-latex compounds. The textile fabrics of the outfits are tested by us before processing and no stains are caused by silicone and latex care products.

About Luellepop

Luellepop Design was founded in Berlin in 2009 by Cathleen Reinheckel and developed further together with André Gawanka. It was immediately obvious for the label Luellepop that the fashion brand would focus on latex. more

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