We want our customers to feel comfortable and happy with their new outfit. This is best achieved when the outfit fits perfectly.
Um das zu gewährleisten bieten wir unsere Outfits ausschließlich als Maßanfertigung an. Wir möchten Ihnen hier zeigen wie Sie richtig Maß nehmen.


Is there an alternative to measuring tape?

Since not everyone has a tape measure in their household, we have a simple alternative to make it possible to take measurements. Take a non-stretchable rope or cord and place it around the part of the body to be measured. You can then measure the distance with a ruler or folding rule.

Would you like a gift for someone but don't know the measurements?

Many men would like to please their loved one with seductive lingerie. However, very few of them know what size bra she wears. However, you should be able to find the right size on the inside of your loved one's favorite bra.
We also offer the option of an outfit voucher. Let us know which outfit you would like to give as a gift and we will produce your personal voucher with the desired outfit for you free of charge. To the "Desired outfit" voucher

Where do you measure the required measurements?

In our store, all outfits have a link to our measurement sketch in the product description. Every measurement we need for your dream outfit is marked on this sketch. Place the measuring tape not too loosely and not too tightly around the area to be measured as shown on the sketch and set the measurement in our drop-down menu.


BODY SIZE: from crown to sole, total body size
HEAD CIRCUMFERENCE: measured around the head at mid-forehead height
NECK CIRCUMFERENCE: measured at mid-neck height around the neck
SHOULDER LENGTH: measured from the base of the neck to the end of the shoulder
LENGTH 1: measured from the suprasternal notch (hollow between the collarbones) to the waist
LENGTH 2: from the waist to the center of the crotch
LENGTH 3: measured diagonally from the shoulder to the lower chest circumference
BUST GIRTH: measured at the thickest part of the bust around the body
UNDERBUST CIRCUMFERENCE: measured under the bust around the body
WAIST CIRCUMFERENCE: measured at the narrowest point around the body
HIP CIRCUMFERENCE 1: Height of the hip bones measured around the body
HIP CIRCUMFERENCE 2/ BUTTUCKS CIRCUMFERENCE: measured at the thickest point around the body
INNER ARM LENGTHS: inside the arm, from the armpit to the wrist
UPPER ARM CIRCUMFERENCE: measured at the mid-height of the upper arm around the arm
FOREARM CIRCUMFERENCE: measured around the arm at the mid-height of the forearm
WRIST CIRCUMFERENCE: measured around the wrist
INNER LEG LENGTH: inside the leg, from the crotch to the ankle
UPPER THIGH CIRCUMFERENCE 1: measured approx. 5 cm below the crotch around the thigh
THIGH CIRCUMFERENCE 2: measured around the leg at mid-thigh height
KNEE CIRCUMFERENCE: measured around the knee
WADENUMFANG: um die Wade herum gemessen
ANKLE CIRCUMFERENCE: measured around the ankle
THIGH LENGTH: on the outside of the leg, from the hip to the knee
LOWER LEG LENGTH: on the outside of the leg, from the knee to the ankle
If you are still unsure about taking measurements or simply have a question, you are welcome to contact us by phone, email, contact form or in our live chat in the online store. We will help you and support you with all your questions about your own Luellepop outfit.


    About Luellepop

    Luellepop Design was founded in Berlin in 2009 by Cathleen Reinheckel and developed further together with André Gawanka. It was immediately obvious for the label Luellepop that the fashion brand would focus on latex. more

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