Lüllepop Latextil Couture

Latexbekleidung in Verbindung mit textilen Stoffen wie Chiffon, Spitze und Satin.
Overall aus Chiffon und Latex von Lüllepop
With the label Latextil Couture, Luellepop makes it possible for all fashion lovers to have a little bit of couture made of fabric and latex in their closets. Latextil Couture is aimed at all women who can't get enough of fashion and like to dress their bodies in figure-hugging clothes. Every garment that is made by Lüllepop is unique because it is tailored to the woman's body.

At Lüllepop, you can buy couture fashion and latex clothing not only online, but also individually. For many of the garments, Latextil Couture offers its customers the opportunity to create their own personal color combination. So it never gets boring with Lüllepop. This is also because Cathleen Reinheckel likes to try new things. This is how the knitwear collection was created in 2012. Never before had a designer used latex in this form. For the first time, it was possible to let the skin breathe in latex.

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Lusso Eleganza - elegant and luxurious

With this collection, Lüllepop brings elegance in its purest form to the wardrobe of the modern, style-conscious woman. The combination of innocent white and dominant black is predominant. Broken up by sensual bordeaux and luxuriously shimmering gold nuances.

True to the brand philosophy, delicate lace fabrics and soft chiffon are combined with sublime latex. Body-hugging feminine cuts with tapered accents meet playful elements, such as the delicate latex bows on the jumpsuit "Noemi".Classic pieces, such as the blouse "Eleonora" made of chiffon, can also be found in this collection. Two collar bands made of pure cotton allow a wide variety of tying options. This allows to reinvent the look again and again. Cuffs made of floral textured latex complete the look of this elegant blouse. Latex lingerie and bodysuits with inserts made of luxurious lace shimmer in different shades of gold as the light changes and are no less seductive than "Emma", a lingerie set made of lace and latex in innocent white.

Of course, the innovative knitted latex should not be missing in this collection. This has been carefully used to emphasize the elegant feminine line.

In short, a collection with a focus on elegance and a penchant for luxury.

knitted latex

Knitted latex is one of Luellepop's highlights. The label combines the most modern materials with traditional craftsmanship.

The finest latex strips are intricately hand-knitted into a complex knitted item. In contrast to conventional latex clothing, you can enjoy a hint of air permeability and the skin is allowed to breathe. The three-dimensional appearance and the broken shine give the material a completely new look - you feel almost majestic when you wear one of these pieces on your body.

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About Luellepop

Luellepop Design was founded in Berlin in 2009 by Cathleen Reinheckel and developed further together with André Gawanka. It was immediately obvious for the label Luellepop that the fashion brand would focus on latex.

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