We are very happy to share our philosophy and thoughts in the latest Lucire Magazins A big thank you to Jack.Yan and Mel for this wonderful opportunity.

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Jumpsuit HELENE
Jumpsuit HELENE made of latex and chiffon
Outfit IRA
Outfit IRA made lace and latex
Tellerrock RICCARDA aus Latex
Circle skirt RICCARDA made of latex
Ohrringe SOHI / CHAMPAGNER-SCHWARZ aus gelasertem Latex
Earrings SOHI / CHAMPAGNER-BLACK made of laser-cut latex
Outfit ALYSSA aus Chiffon und Latex
Outfit ALYSSA made of chiffon and latex
Kleid ZEFIRA aus gestricktem und glattem Latex
Dress ZEFIRA made of knitted and smooth latex
Choker JOIA/CRYSTAL HEART aus gestricktem Latex
Choker JOIA/CRYSTAL HEART made of knitted latex
Body JADE aus Chiffon und Latex
Bodysuit JADE made of chiffon and latex